Included in the price :

  • 7 h riding (2 days),
  • 1 h Horseback riding lesson ( training and safety briefing ),
  • Safety equipment (helmets for riding and back protectors)
  • All camping equipment ( tents, sleeping bags, mats )
  • Safety and logistic vehicle
  • All meals and drinks at the camp
  • Presentation of old farming techniques.

Not included in the price:

  • Air transfer, transfer to the SHERPA RANCH
  • Insurance
  • All personal expenses not mentioned under “Included in the price.”

A Riding Expedition is a journey on horseback, which may entail a few hardships but reward you with an experience to remember and scenery which you might otherwise not have the opportunity to see.

This type of excursion will give you the opportunity to enjoy with your family, kids, and friends and spend some quality time in the mountains, escaping from the modern civilization.

Two days in Mavrovo National Park – spending time with SHERPA HORSE RIDING TEAM and the locals. This tour is for those who want to enjoy the treasures of the mountain. Riding uphill along the valleys of Bistra Mountain, setting up camps deep in the mountains, you will enjoy the vast and never-ending open views of the countless number of mountain peaks. On this trip, you will get closer to the shepherd’s life, visiting few sheep farms, experience the traditional way of cheese making and just enjoy the nature.

The Tour

Day 1- 3h of riding

9.30 Arrival at the ranch. Welcoming refreshments are waiting for the guests.
10.00 Workshops – Milking goats and cheese preparation
11.30 Safety equipment handout, Safety procedures briefing, Practical explanation and training of western style horseback riding (non-riders are also welcome)
12.30 Picnic lunch (homemade pie, sheep cheese, fresh vegetables) *
14.00 Departure to the base camp
17.00 Arrival to the base camp

Group activities are planned such as setting up the sleeping tents, starting a bonfire along with dinner preparation, which includes barbeque.

* Vegetarians are required to specify their Food preference in the Request for an offer.

18.30 We will serve dinner next to the bonfire (overnight in tents).


Day 2 – 4 h of riding


7.00 –Early morning wake up
7.30 –Visit of the SOLOMUNICA sheep farm (5 min from the camping area)
– You will have opportunity to see all farming techniques like milking out 3.000 sheep by hands as well as the traditional way of cheese production.
09.00 Starting breakfast preparations (at the camp site)
10.00 Breakfast
11.00 Departure to the SHERPA HORSE RIDING RACH on a horseback (ride up to the high mountain peaks with a fantastic view of the MAVROVO LAKE)
13.00 Lunch at the sheep farm (not the same one from the morning)
14.00 Departure to the SHERPA HORSE RIDING RANCH on horseback
16.00 Arrival at the SHERPA HORSE RIDING RANCH
16.30- Diner at the Ranch (starters, pork/lamb, salad, dessert)


Price – 180 euro per person ( Extra gold plus )



Typical temperatures at this time of year are likely to be around 20ºC during the day. In the early morning and evening temperatures can drop to around 1-5ºC. At this time of year rain is possible. Remember to take anti-histamines if you suffer from general allergies, since sometimes the altitude and thin air can cause problems, including asthma. When packing clothes for Macedonia, please keep in mind that although it may be warm on sunny days, in the evenings it can get cool. It can be windy and cold up in the mountains, so take warm clothes with you.

You are advised to bring clothes, which you can layer.

  • SADDLE BAGS. Saddle bags are provided. These are big enough for water bottles and some personal belongings. Seat Savers. Available locally on request Laundry. There are no facilities for washing clothes.
  • CLOTHING Comfortable riding trousers. If you do not ride regularly then it may be advisable to wear tights, cycling shorts or long johns under your riding trousers. T-Shirts. Long sleeved shirts. Short multipurpose riding/walking boots and half chaps. We recommend your boots are waterproof. Waterproof coat. We recommend a breathable coat. We recommend you bring clothes which can be put on in layers when it is cold and taken off as it warms up. Fleece, jumper or jacket. Warm coat Waterproof trousers or leggings. These should be of a similar breathable fabric as your coat and have a foot-strap so they don’t ride up. Sunglasses – with a neck strap. Casual clothes – for when you are not riding. Socks and underwear. Sun hat for when you’re not riding. Thick socks. Woolly or fleece hat.
  • EQUIPMENT Water bottles are provided. Bottles are provided to be topped up with tap water. Sleeping bags are provided. Sleeping bag liners are provided. Sleeping mats are provided. You may want to bring an inflatable pillow. Ear Plugs – if you are a light sleeper. Contact lens wearers should take glasses as dry air can make contact lenses uncomfortable. If you do take contacts we recommend daily disposable lenses.
  • TOILETRIES AND MEDICAL You should bring your own toiletries. Personal medical kit with antiseptic cream, pain relief tablets and sticking plasters. Moisture absorbing baby powder can be useful to prevent chafing. Compeed blister plasters work well on sore patches, acting as a second skin. Sudocrem, E45, Vaseline or similar to soothe rubbed skin. Any medication you regularly take. Bring the prescription for any medicines you have with you. Sun protection cream. Due to the altitude the sun can be strong and we advise a high factor sun screen. Lip balm Insect repellent and after bite ointment.


!!!! There is no electricity on the camping nights.