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Vasko Velichkovski

Vasko’s been promoting horse-back riding tourism for ten years now. As horses are in his family for two generations, there’s a special connection to these amazing creatures.

A life enduring passion for the horse-riding sport and the aversion towards the cities and their noisy environment, makes Vasko spend most of his free time in the mountains of the Mavrovo National Park, namely the village of Galichnik, place of his family’s origin. His passion turned into a profession the moment he started SHERPA HORSE RIDING tours.

Vasko is a professional guide and a horse riding trainer, fluent in English language and always ready to jump up his horse and take you on a new adventure.

Besides managing SHERPA HORSE RIDING tours, he works as horse riding guide for six months in the summers and a free-ride ski guide in the winter months.


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Tour Guide