Traditional Macedonian diet all about the simplicity and high-quality produce in season. Bread is the king, but meat is the crown of the table.

No fancy sauces or tricky soufflés, or problematic combinations, or strange exotic ingredients. Salt, red pepper, mint, parsley, onion, and garlic. Walnuts, wild berries, small (not too good looking) but full of flavor and aroma apples.

Local vine, rakija & vinegar are famous for their extraordinary taste and quality all around the world.

Meat comes from an animal who has lived it’s life grazing on rich high altitude herbal pastures, roaming freely in its natural life cycle.

Dairy products are produced without chemicals, taste enhancers, using only traditional natural procedures. Local white cheeses are a synonym for this region. ”Galichko sirenje” is a brand.


The ranch is located about 0.6 miles away from village Galichnik, 1500m above the sea level.

It is surrounded by the untouched nature of National Park Mavrovo. Here is where our horses live during the summer. Restaurant & restrooms are available at the location and the accommodation in nearby villages.


Apart from high mountain camps, the accommodations include Carevec (Tsarevets) Guest House, Hotel Kalin, Motel Topila (in the village of Gari) and Hotel Neda (in the village of Galichnik).

Motel Topila
Hotel Bistra Mavrovo
Carevec (Tsarevets) Guest House